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30 Minutes of Discovery: Friday, May 16

Encourage your students to spend 30 Minutes exploring their own interests and discovering new ones in their Discovery Education account.

Step 1: Encourage your students to log in to Discovery Education and start discovering.

Step 2: Tell us what your students did. Better yet, have them tell us!

Step 3: Download and print the cool certificate of participation for each student to display proudly.

What can they discover? Frogs – yep! Music – yep! The history of airplanes – yep! Mathematical theorems – yep! The sky is the limit, and they don’t have to spend all of the time on one thing, either. Just explore and enjoy. When they’re done spending 30 Minutes of Discovery exploring in their student accounts, tell us what they did, or have them do it right in on this page.
There's also a cool certificate to download and print for anybody who participates in 30 Minutes of Discovery.
Student Accounts
Every student in a school or district with a Discovery Education service should have his or her own student account. Student accounts offer access to countless resources for self-directed and year-long learning. If your students have not been set up with student accounts yet, or do not know their login information, use our Student Center Resources page to find out how to make sure they have access.

Step 1: Explore cool stuff in Discovery Education

Maybe you're interested in a million things and think there are too many options. In case the idea of "anything" has you frozen in your tracks, here are some suggestions for ways to spend your 30 Minutes of Discovery. When you're done, come back here and tell us what you did. Then download your cetificate for participating in 30 Minutes of Discovery. 


Build a Board
You can use the Board Builder tool – found right on your landing page of your student account – to create a digital poster about anything. Right… too broad. How about building a Board to thank your teacher for being awesome? It is Teacher Appreciation Week, after all. Tell and SHOW (using your own images or video, which can be uploaded easily in Board Builder) your teacher why he or she is so great.
Use the Interactive Atlas to “travel” to your dream vacation spot
Wish you could travel anywhere in the world? You can – kind of. Use the Discovery Atlas Interactive Map (CDN version) to explore all the corners of the globe. Find out about the culture, natural world, history, and government of countries around the world.
Make a mystery sound effects quiz for your friends and family
Do you know what this sound (CDN version) is? Collect multiple sound effects from your Discovery Education account: leave the search bar blank and select “Sound Effect” under Media Type to find thousands of sound effects. Then make a quiz (you could make it in Board Builder) and see if your friends and family can identify the sounds.
Attend a virtual field trip listed on our archives page
Take a virtual field trip to the Smithsonian’s National Zoo and learn all about amphibians. Or pick a different virtual field trip from our event archives. You can filter the archives results by clicking on “For Students” under the filter bar. Ideas for Grades K-8

Ideas for grades K-8

Listen to as many Teacher and the Rockbots songs as you can and then write your own
One of the best bands in the world, Teacher and the Rockbots, is featured in your Discovery Education account. From the food chain and landforms to habitats and simple machines, Teacher and the Rockbots rock out about lots of topics. Listen to a bunch of songs and then try writing your own song in the style of this legendary band.
Play the Fishy Fractions game
Help the pelican catch some fish by playing Fishy Fractions (CDN version) and scoring points. You can practice at any level and watch your fractions add up to great learning.
Watch a tutorial about a cool web tool
Find out about a free, cool web tool and how to use it using a short, 8-minute tutorial. Just visit this Making Stuff with Discovery Education Board (CDN version) – found in your student account – to learn about WeVideo, iPiccy, and Blabberize and the amazing things you can do with Discovery Education and the web!

Ideas for Grades 6-12

Watch a Mythbusters episode
Did you know there are at least 50 full videos and over 100 video segments of these guys in your student account? Watch anytime from any computer with internet access, from inside your own account. Start with the Walking on Water episode or search “Mythbusters” and pick your favorite.
Research a career that interests you
Search “careers” to see video and hear from people in a variety of different jobs. Get an idea of what it takes to get there and what a typical day looks like. Start with STEM Careers for Students, if you’re interested in careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math.
Enter a challenge
Visit the Get Involved tab on the landing page of your student account to see current challenges like the Science of Everyday Life, where you are challenged to design your own virtual wind turbine… and the HeadsUp! Challenge, where you can test your driving skills and navigate distractions.
Listen to an eyewitness account of the Hindenburg crash
Imagine what it was like to be there in history, by listening to eyewitness accounts and radio broadcasts like this one, from the Hindenburg Crash of 1937 (CDN version).

Step 2: Tell us what you discovered

Step 3: Download your certificate

Click the picture to get yours:
30 Minutes of Discovery Certificate