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September 11th Educational Resources

Tribute WTC Visitor Center Resources

Classroom Toolkit, “September 11th Personal Stories of Transformation”

Eight short videos reveal personal stories of people directly impacted by 9/11 and how, in response, they developed projects to make the world a more tolerant place. Each individual story is accompanied by discussion questions, historic context, research links and community service projects.?Recommended for grades 5 – 12 

Renewing Our American Dream

Discover how 9/11 affected the ethnic neighborhoods that compose our American communities; revealing profiles of ordinary people in NYC who became leaders by uniting their communities.

Inside the Fence

Discover stories about the daunting tasks, challenges and dedication of the transportation, sanitation and construction workers that worked inside the fence at the World Trade Center site to help the city “get back on its feet.”

Tribute WTC Visitor Center Teacher Awards

The Tribute WTC Visitor Center annually presents awards to teachers who have created exemplary educational projects that help sustain the memory of September 11th. Innovative teachers are honored for how they have engaged their students in the discussion of the meaning of September 11th in their classrooms and for their focus on humanitarian responses to 9/11. Projects have been selected for engaging students in history, civics, language arts, visual, media or performing arts. Each school receives both a financial gift and framed Certificate of Merit.

To apply for the annual award, email a brief description of your class’s 9/11 project to before January 20th.  

National September 11 Memorial & Museum Resources

Interactive 9/11 Timeline

This interactive timeline chronicles the events of 9/11 using images, audio and video from the 9/11 Memorial Museum’s permanent collection. The timeline tells the story of the day as it unfolded in the air and on the ground. It’s filled with first-person accounts from survivors, first responders and witnesses.