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Unlocking Creative Potential with Adobe Youth Voices

Create with Purpose

In an exciting partnership with Discovery Education, The Adobe Foundation’s Adobe Youth Voices Essentials is providing educators with the digital media-making curriculum they need to unlock their students' potential.

Adobe Youth Voices Essentials is a global online community with a set of open, downloadable curricula and resources designed to help educators guide young people in employing video, multimedia, digital art, web, animation, and audio tools to explore and comment on their world
leading to breakthrough learning experiences.

Uniquely capable of being integrated into existing lessons or standing alone, these resources empower youth to better communicate their ideas, exhibit their potential and take action in their communities.


Essentials Resources

-   Free curriculum and activities that promote youth expression, creativy and engagement through the use of
      video, multimedia, digital art, web, animation, and audio tools

-    An integration toolkit and video tutorials that demonstrate how media-making can enhance what you are
     already teaching

-    A virtual community of peer educators and professional development experiences

-    Webinars covering a variety of multi-media platforms

-    Guidance on how to exhibit student media projects

-    Feedback from creative professionals and educators on uploaded student-produced work

The Impact

Through media-making, Adobe Youth Voices encourages youth to create change in their communities.  Inspired by a recent assignment on Martin Luther King, Jr., four students at Mt. Pleasant High School in California decided that they wanted their open-ended video project to make a difference.

With this goal in mind, Dantorie, Charles, Juan and Noel set off to develop a social documentary about volunteering at a local soup kitchen. Using the Adobe Youth Voices resources as their guide, each student actively participated in all aspects of production.  They filmed and  interviewed staff and volunteers, and also worked their own shifts serving food and helping clean up after meals.  And the group effort didn’t end when these students submitted their project for a grade.  The students continued to spread their message about the importance of volunteering by entering  their video in a social documentary film festival.  Their entry was selected as a semi-finalist and the group was awarded $300.  Together, the students personally delivered their prize money to the soup kitchen’s staff.

“If it was not for AYV and the opportunities it provides, my youth would not have their voices heard,” their teacher, Will Cavada, expressed.  “This experience helped them see firsthand the power and the change that they actually could make.”  Their teacher reflected that this group of Mt. Pleasant High students saw that “even if you don’t have a lot, you can always give back to your community” – an important life lesson that all started with a classroom project made possible by Adobe Youth Voices.