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Case Studies

Our next successful case study will be yours.

Raising student achievement—that is our goal at Discovery Education Professional Development. Our success with school districts across the country has taught us how to best design programs that will maximize your teachers’ instruction, your students’ learning and your district’s standing. Beginning with the end in mind, we identify specific professional development outcomes for each experience. Throughout our partnership, we evaluate and re-evaluate whether the program is achieving the declared goals. Results are what count, and we know how to deliver.

When our partners engage in integrated professional development, the use of digital media in the classroom immediately increases versus models of implementation without professional development. Media viewed in the graph below includes both video streams and downloads*.

*Downloads are used multiple times so actual use is higher than the media viewed number indicates. This number also includes use of images, articles, and other media types.

Not only is our professional development results-driven, it is also grounded in the latest research-based pedagogy. Our approach includes research-based instructional strategies to support direct and differentiated instruction. We also prepare educators to confidently integrate Discovery Education’s rich digital content with various types of technology such as interactive white boards and Web 2.0 applications. These are proven tools for today’s modern classroom.

In the end, it’s all about the results your district sees in student achievement and engagement. We invite you to read the case studies below that demonstrate the tremendous impact our programs have had on school districts just like yours. Working together to solve the needs of your district, we look forward to adding your case study to the growing ranks of our success stories.

We have really transformed the environment of the classroom and the processes of instructional delivery. We have moved it to the next level.

Dr. Willie Giles

Deputy Superintendent, Indianapolis Public Schools