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Passionate, prestigious, pioneering—these are just some of the words that describe our professional development team. A quick read of the team’s bios below will show you the expertise and accolades our people will bring to your school district. Most started off as teachers—elementary school, middle school, high school, and college—so they know the classroom and the challenges facing today’s teachers. Foremost, they know how to fully, expertly, and wisely integrate technology into classroom instruction.

Our professional development team of experts understands just what engages today’s technology savvy students. They know how to hook them with digital content. They know how to inspire their creativity. Most importantly, they know how to drive student achievement and inspire life-long learning. Please take the time to read their bios below. A quick glance and you’ll agree: these are the educational leaders you want bringing transformative change to your district.

They are passionate about what they do, and that is one thing I appreciate about Discovery Education Professional Development ..... these folks really believe in what they are doing and they know their stuff and they know the content.

Gerald McLeish, Ed.D

Director, Secondary Curriculum & Programs, Indianapolis Public Schools