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2011 Discovery Educator Network Evaluation Survey

DEN Member Survey Results

In March 2011 members of the Discovery Educator Network (DEN) took part in an online evaluation survey.  The survey, conducted by Joshua D. Briggs, Ed.M. and Ilona E. Holland, Ed.D., sought to answer four key questions:

  • What resources, services, and products do DEN members use?
  • How do they use those resources, services, and products?
  • How has DEN affected their professional growth?
  • How has DEN affected how they use technology in their work?
Survey results reflect the invaluable resources, services, products, and support made available through Discovery Education and the vital, engaged community of educators DEN brings together:

  • 90% participation rate of members attending multiple DEN webinars per year
  • 89.2% of educators surveyed cited DEN as contributing “very much” or “tremendously” to their professional growth
  • 96.7% reported improved use and increase of technology through involvement with DEN


Sample Responses

  • "I can't imagine still being a teacher in the 21st Century without being a member of the DEN. It's not an option.”
  • “The DEN is a huge part of my professional learning network. We share ideas, collaborate on projects and support each other in our challenges.”
  • “It has not only elevated my teaching by modeling best practices but it also opened a world of dynamic and 'ahead of the curve' technologies that my teachers and students are craving.”
  • “I have said this before, and I will say it again - Thank you so very much to the DEN for providing exciting ways to be a great teacher!!!! Teachers are constantly asking me, ‘Where did you learn that?’ My response, ‘The Discovery Educator Network! You should join it.’”

DEN Infographic