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Earth Day Virtual Viewing Party

On-Demand Event

#CelebrateWithDE and explore the history of Earth Day, an annual holiday observed on April 22nd to celebrate the beauty and fragility of Planet Earth. With this virtual viewing party your students will explore the importance of Earth Day and the best way they can promote environmentalism in their local communities.

Explore the Importance of Earth Day

What is a Virtual Viewing Party?

A virtual viewing party is a shared viewing experience of the Discovery Education video Celebrate With DE: Earth Day (Canadian Link) which explores the history of Earth Day, discusses the positive impact of environmental activism, and reveals the various ways in which countries across the world raise public awareness about environmental issues.

Thousands of classrooms simultaneously access this video and share their thoughts and reflections around the human impact on the environment and the best way to promote environmentalism in local communities. If this is your first virtual viewing party read our FAQs for additional information.

The content and activities are suitable for all grades but we recommend you preview the video to determine if it is appropriate for your students.

How to Watch

We recommend you download the video, Celebrate With DE: Earth Day (Canadian Link), in advance of your viewing party for the most seamless viewing experience.

This video is available to all Discovery Education Streaming and Science Techbook customers, if you are not currently a subscriber to these services, you can sign-up for a free trial to participate in this event.

Join the Discussion

Join the conversation by following @DiscoveryEd on Twitter. Share photos of your classroom viewing, reflections from the essential questions, and more using #CelebratewithDE. Not on Twitter? Our Earth Day Padlet will enable you to share reflections, photos, and outcomes, while seeing what other classes have to say.

What if we are participating in the on-demand event?

Your class can watch the video any time and join the discussion asynchronously. If you are participating on-demand, you may want to have students review the Padlet or Twitter discussion to compare ideas and make connections. You can also use the suggested resources below to support your discussions.

Suggested Viewing Activities

Suggested Viewing Activities

To make the most of the virtual viewing party with your class, we suggest the following activities.

Before the Viewing Party
Earth Day was established in 1970 to highlight the impact humans can and do have on the environment and the importance of environmental protection. Discussion and research can help students recognize their own impact on the environment and celebrate the power they have to make a difference for our planet. Using their own background knowledge and the Earth Day Discussion Questions video segment as a model, have students create their own video answers to one or more of the questions from the video: In what ways do humans affect the environment? What are some of the environmental problems facing the planet today? Why is it important to protect the world around you?

Suggested Discovery Education Resources:
The History of Earth Day, Video Segment (Canadian Link), Grades K-12
Earth Day Discussion Questions, Video Segment (Canadian Link), Grades K-12

During the Viewing Party
Use one of the following two strategies to help your students stay engaged in the viewing party and identify areas or issues that are meaningful to them.
A-E-I-O-U (Canadian Link): This strategy helps students gather their responses to an event or video. As they watch, they record their emotional and intellectual responses to the content according to the categories defined by the “A-E-I-O-U” structure: Adjective, Emotion, Interest, Oh!, and Um?

STEM COMPLETION (Canadian Link): This strategy helps students organize their thinking as they complete sentence starters. Amend this strategy by using Issues instead of Images and have students complete the following starters: “An issue I care about is…,” “I care about this issue because…,” and “I could…”

After the Viewing Party
Now that the students have deeper context and understanding about Earth Day issues, have them brainstorm ways (small and large) they could have a positive impact on the environment. (You may use the last question in the Earth Day Discussion Questions video segment as a guide.) Encourage them to create videos, posters, or social media messaging detailing their ideas. Don’t forget to share it all with us on Twitter @DiscoveryEd using #CelebratewithDE.

Viewing Party Essential Questions

In what ways do humans affect the environment?

What are some of the environmental problems facing the planet today?

Why is it important to protect the world around you?

How can you promote environmentalism in your own community?

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