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Archive (Appropriate for Grades 6-12): MythBusters Live

MythBusters Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage shared their experiences as they make experimentation come alive through this dynamic presentation about science behind the exhibit. The interactive exhibit, created by Discovery Communications and Exhibits Development Group (EDG), in partnership with the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, helps inspire learning beyond the walls of the classroom.

Scientists, engineers, and mathematicians drive innovation that will fuel our future. This live event will spark the natural curiosity of budding scientists by showing students just how fun science can be and how it’s helped Adam and Jamie follow their passion to ultimately find success.


Presentation Format

  • 10 Minutes Introduction
  • 15 Minutes Q&A
  • 15 Remarks from Chicago Public Schools officials and other dignitaries (Including a live experiment)


MythBusters Explosive Exhibit Group Photo