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Event Overview: The Mecum Challenge - Dallas

On Friday, September 7th, Discovery Education. AT&T U-verse and Velocity partnered with Mecum Auctions for The Mecum Challenge, an interactive field trip designed to boost student’s interest in STEM education from behind the auction block.  
A group of students and their chaperones were selected from the Notre Dame School (Catholic Diocese of Dallas) to participate in a 10-question scavenger hunt through a Mecum auto auction at the Dallas Convention Center.  Students were then treated to a behind-the-scenes look at the production of the auction, as well as a peek in to how the cable show is filmed with the Velocity production team.
Kicking off the challenge was Velocity’s Mecum Auto Auction on-air host, John Kraman.  Dana “The Deal Maker” Mecum also spoke to students about the business of auctions, the distinctive appeal of Mecum cars, and the importance of STEM education. A live production crew filmed the students during the hunt, which was later packaged as an on-air Velocity feature asking others to take The Mecum Challenge online.

Velocity On-Air Feature

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