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Event Overview: The Mecum Challenge - Des Moines, IA

On Friday, July 20th,  Discovery Education and Velocity partnered with Mecum Auctions for The Mecum Challenge, an interactive field trip designed to boost student’s interest in STEM education from behind the auction block.  
A group of students were selected from the Des Moines Public School District to participate in a 12-question scavenger hunt through a Mecum auto auction at the Iowa State Fairgrounds.  Students were then treated to a behind-the-scenes look at the production of the auction, as well as a peek in to how the cable show is filmed with the Velocity production team.
Kicking off the challenge was Velocity host Dana “The Deal Maker” Mecum and his son, Frank Mecum, who spoke to students about the business of auctions, the distinctive appeal of Mecum cars, and the importance of STEM education. A live production crew filmed the students during the hunt, which was later packaged as an on-air Velocity feature asking others to take The Mecum Challenge online.

Velocity On-Air Feature

The following on-air feature aired on Velocity on Saturday, July 20th  following The Mecum Challenge at the Iowa State Fairgrounds.

Photos From the Day

Local KCCI News Channel 8 Affiliate News Clip

Local ABC 5 Affiliate News Clip



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