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Engaging the Middle School Learner

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Making Sense of Middle School

Teaching middle school can be a roller-coaster ride as students go through rapid changes physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually. Middle school is caught between elementary schools designed to nurture young learners and high schools where students have the autonomy to move about the school to course-specific classrooms. For decades, educators and academics have grappled with finding the best way to meet the needs of middle level learners and teachers.

Adding to the challenges, today's middle schoolers are digital natives, thinking, communicating, consuming information, and producing content differently than their Gen X and baby boomer teachers. These young learners may not respond to the methodologies of their teachers’ generations, and teachers may not have the comfort level with the tools that engage today’s students.

Amid all this complexity, the questions educators must answer are universal: How do we raise achievement for all students? How do we engage students and engender agency over their own learning? Given the speed of technological change, how do we prepare students to think, innovate, and problem-solve in ways that will prepare them for a future we cannot yet conceive?

To start, we can throw away the dusty old textbooks and start engaging them with digital. Discovery Education Techbook hits the mark with award-winning digital content that's aligned to rigorous state standards and curated by experts. It makes differentiation easy and can be used in any instructional setting. Consider giving Techbook a try in your middle school classrooms!

Middle schoolers are trying to discover who they are in this world. With Techbook, they can customize it in a way that fits their needs, their personality, and their strengths.
Queenie Hall
ELA and Social Studies Instructional Specialist
Rock Hill Schools, SC

Explore Techbook for Middle School Classrooms

Techbook's middle school courses support social studies, science, and math educators with award-winning digital content designed for diverse student learners and curated by experts.

Math Techbook

Math Techbook is a breakthrough digital textbook that engages middle school students with real-world problems worth solving. Using a balanced approach to instruction, it facilitates in-depth understanding of all three pillars of rigor: conceptual understanding, procedural skill and fluency, and application.

Science Techbook

Photo of a Cell

Science Techbook is changing the way middle school students and teachers experience real-world science phenomena. With an award-winning, impactful approach to instruction, Science Techbook combines different types of media to explain and reinforce complex crosscutting science concepts.

Social Studies Techbook

Social Studies Techbook

Social Studies Techbook is a core digital textbook that makes teaching and learning middle school social studies an unforgettable experience. Using an inquiry-based approach that enhances literacy and critical thinking skills, Techbook can be used on any device, anywhere, anytime, in any instructional setting.

The energy of middle school students is unbelievable—and it's constantly shifting. Sometimes it brings chaos, and sometimes it brings absolute awesomeness because when they get excited about something we're working on, their little minds just go and go. Using Social Studies Techbook was an absolute game changer for me, and for my students.
Chris Layton
Assistant Principal/Former Middle School Teacher
Oak Ridge Schools, TN
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