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New Enhancements to Streaming Coming Soon

Stream On! Discovery Education has been dreaming up new content, features, and 21st-century tools for educators and students alike. Realize your dreams of students deeply engaged in critical thinking with the cool new look and tools.

We'll be rolling out many enhancements to Streaming over the next few months that are designed to deepen student engagement, extend critical thinking, and save teachers time.

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Deepen Student Engagement

Improved creation tools let students design, build, and share their own content and allow them to demonstrate their learning in new and creative ways.

New real-time collaboration features help students build digital content together—no matter where they are. Discovery’s digital collaboration also occurs in a safe environment that you can control, if necessary.

The Streaming search has been improved to help students find what they want, when they want it, and highlights the newest, most engaging content.


Save Time Finding Relevant Resources

Beginning with a fresh new look, find timely relevant resources right at your fingertips. Curated content collections aligned to top search terms are each combined with practical instructional strategies and grade-appropriate lesson starters.

In addition to having all the creation and collaboration features that students enjoy, you will find it easier to search by standards, assign and create your own work, and collaborate in real time with your colleagues.

Leverage the Power of the DEN Community

This global professional learning community will now be featured directly within Streaming. Share and swap instructional strategies with like-minded teachers across the world while finding resources and preparing your lesson plans.

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Expanded Professional Learning Center

The Professional Learning Center provides you with easy access to thousands of professional resources, such as instructional strategies, self-paced modules, and step-by-step guides. These practical and effective resources are created by Discovery Education’s digital content experts as well as teachers like you. You can access this anywhere, anytime, on any device.

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New Digital Resources

Discovery Education has been adding thousands of digital resources aligned to timely relevant topics and grade level. The new look, features, and content have all been carefully selected and designed to help you incorporate engaging and effective digital media into your classroom.