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Discovery Education High School Science Techbook™

High School Science Techbook is built from the ground up to be a unique, web-based teaching and learning resource that supports mastery of the TEKS. Unlike other digital science programs that are converted from existing textbooks, Techbook™ takes full advantage of digital capabilities to offer multi-modal resources that transform teaching and learning. Powerful yet simple-to-use, High School Science Techbook saves teachers time and provides on-going support as they transition to digital. Real-time assessments also enhance a teacher’s ability to individualize instruction. 
More than 140 dynamic digital explorations are included in the high school science series. Custom built for today’s high school student, each exploration provides a multimodal approach to understanding how vital scientific processes like photosynthesis and genetics work. Students can visualize the cause and effect relationship between key variables by manipulating, displaying and analyzing data, enabling them to practice the scientific method and to learn to read, write, and think like scientists.

High School Science Techbook is available for the following four disciplines:

It has been exciting to watch our teachers and students use Science Techbook™ in their classrooms during this first year of implementation. The change that is taking place not only brings a powerful digital resource into the classroom, but embraces a method of teaching that allows our teachers to become facilitators of knowledge.

– Curt Witthoff, Coordinator
   K-12 Science & Environmental Education, Collier County Public Schools

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