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Comprehensive digital program that replaces traditional textbooks, fuels digital transformation, and supports mastery of the TEKS

Discovery Education Techbook™ Digital Textbook for Texas
Integrated Physics & Chemistry

Techbook is an exciting, all-digital solution custom built for Texas that meets the needs of students with widely different learning styles. Boost the rigor and relevance of your IPC classroom with engaging, up-to-date content, challenging activities, and stimulating interactive investigations that support mastery of the TEKS. 
Rich digital explorations encourage students to practice science inquiry by allowing them to make assumptions, manipulate variables, generate data, and see cause and affect relationships. 
Engaging video from Discovery helps students connect physics and chemistry to their world. The multimodal Interactive Glossary, with quick links embedded into the primary reading path, aids in the mastery of critical vocabulary. Real-time assessments enhance a teacher’s ability to individualize instruction. 
  • Engages students with exclusive Discovery content and custom interactives
  • Supports teachers with an intuitive, simple-to-use program and customized professional development
  • Aligned to the IPC TEKS
  • Provides real-time data to differentiate instruction
  • Inquiry-based, student-centered approach helps build critical thinking and communication skills
  • Works with any device
  • Always up-to-date
  • Maximizes investment in existing technology
  • Lowers district costs 

It has been exciting to watch our teachers and students use Science Techbook™ in their classrooms during this first year of implementation. The change that is taking place not only brings a powerful digital resource into the classroom, but embraces a method of teaching that allows our teachers to become facilitators of knowledge.

– Curt Witthoff, Coordinator
   K-12 Science & Environmental Education, Collier County Public Schools
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Integrated Physics & Chemistry Techbook Resources

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