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K-8 Science Techbook™ for Texas

Science Techbook is built from the ground up to be a unique, web-based teaching and learning tool, that supports mastery of the TEKS. Unlike other digital science programs that are converted from existing textbooks, Techbook™ takes full advantage of digital capabilities to offer multi-modal resources that transform teaching and learning. Powerful yet simple-to-use, K-8 Science Techbook saves teachers time and provides on-going support as they transition to digital. Real-time assessments also enhance a teacher’s ability to individualize instruction. Each program includes practical, on-going professional development with a customized plan to meet districts where they are in the digital transition process.

Discovery Education Techbook:
  • Actively engages students to read, write and think like scientists and historians
  • Reaches all learning modalities through the integration of text, audio, video, images and digital investigations in an easy-to-navigate format
  • Saves teachers time and supports the transition to digital with a simple to use, “all-in-one” teacher’s edition, including detailed model lessons and activity guides
  • Includes meaningful, on-going professional development with a customized plan to move towards full digital transformation
  • Backed by Discovery Education, your partner in making learning happen:
    Every student. Every device. Every day.

Discovery Education sets the bar very high. I have been teaching a hands-on, activity based science curriculum for nineteen years. The Discovery Education Science Techbook has combined concept, content, interactivity and digital. In my opinion, it is the best curriculum package available. I consider it is the missing link. Combine all that with fantastic professional development and customer service and Discovery Education is the whole package.

– Julie Gavin, Lead Middle School Science Teacher
   School Town of Munster
   Munster, Indiana
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