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Discovery Education and Bring Your Own Devices: Learning Gone Mobile


Intrigued by this latest touch-based technology? Wondering how these new devices might reshape the learning landscape of our schools? Join us as we explore techniques for building a mobile learning toolkit powered by Discovery Education content. We’ll also highlight the DE mobile site as we shift our focus from consuming content to creating content on the iPad. View
Reaching All Students with Project-based Learning10/18/11Project-based learning (PBL) is a systematic teaching method that engages students in learning knowledge and skills through an extended inquiry process structured around complex, authentic questions and carefully designed products and tasks. Join me as we explore how to construct, organize, manage, and assess PBL experiences in the classroom. At the end of this whirlwind tour, you will feel empowered to transform learning in your own classroom. View
Tackling the Fight Against Childhood Obesity – One Family Meal at a Time11/2/11Join us for a roundtable discussion with the Lead Scientist at the American Dietetic Association Foundation and other thought leaders on childhood obesity. Get free energy balance resources for schools and families, including lesson plans, interactives, articles, menu planning tips and more. Plus, see how your school can win funds for a healthy school transformation.
Speakers include: Esther Myers, Lead Scientist, ADAF; Katie Brown, National Education Director, ADAF; and Beth Johnson, MS, RD, Food Directions, LLC. View
The World is Your Audience featuring DEN Guru Tim Childers11/1/11Discover easy ways to create quick and informative screencasts and share them online. Both you and your students can create content that can literally teach the world. View
The One That Got Away... Telling Your Fish Story11/1/11Everyone has a story, what’s yours?!? Hear from a Ben Parker, a fishing expert, who fell ‘hook, line, and sinker’ to follow his dream and landed a bass. His story is made for the movies and so is yours. Help us create a movie together and learn how to create one your very own using PhotoStory. View
May I Have Your Attention Please... The Following Is THEIR Safety Announcement11/5/11Lights... Camera.... Students! Learn how to help your students inspire their peers and community through creating public safety announcements utilizing a variety of Web 2.0 Tools on water safety. Explore how to create your own rubrics to help students realize if their ideas will sink or float.  View

Will Robots Take Over: Out-think, Out-wit, Out-perform


The challenge has been set, but which team will your students be on: human or robot? The Singularity Moore’s Law states that the number of transistors on a chip will double every two years. By this calculation, somewhere around 2050, computers will be able to out-think, out-wit and out-perform human brains in almost every area of cognition. But what happens when this type of intelligence is combined with machinery? The bigger question remains a mystery: Who will come out victorious? Join our team for a lesson about strength and movement in robotic arms with you and your students! View
Discovery Education Assessment:  Features and Tips to Get you Going!10/27/11Getting organized for assessment is easy with Discovery’s user management tools.  Join this webinar to learn where to find the things you need and set up and manage users. Have you been using Progress Zone to assess students? Learn how to create a paper or online probe to progress monitor student learning.  See how you can create your own items and choose a PZ report that meets your needs.  You’ll be able to plan effective and efficient instruction by linking directly to standards-aligned Discovery streaming from PZ assessments and reports.  We’ll also show you how to assign probes to students so they can take them from their own Student Center assignment page at school or at home. View
Clean Up Your Act10/12/11Are you beginning to lose sight of your desk top as the papers now stack up? Learn new and creative ways to go reduce the paper and increase the communication and collaboration in your class with Google Tools. We’ll show you a project based learning opportunity to clean up your students’ habitat and your class. View
Lessons from the Field: Assessing and Evaluating Educational Leadership with VAL-Ed Author Dr. Joseph Murphy10/12/11Dr. Murphy discusses current issues and opportunities in developing fair and equitable principal evaluation systems, the purpose and role of the Vanderbilt Assessment of Leadership in Education (VAL-ED), and his work with numerous states and districts in building effective principal leadership and evaluation systems. View

iPads in Education: Tales from the Classroom


Educators from around the country who are rolling out iPad initiatives take a few minutes and share what they're experiences have been to date. Join us to hear a variety of stories about how these devices are being used to revolutionize classroom learning. View

2011 DEN Virtual Conference


This high-quality, professional development seminars focuses on providing you the skills, techniques, and tools you need to integrate digital media and Web 2.0 tools into instruction. Discover an abundance of resources to expand your learning network from education experts from across North America. View
New York Stock Exchange Virtual Field Trip Watch as Discovery Education goes to the floor of the New York Stock Exchange to introduce students to the basics of stock ownership and initiate a dialogue on financial responsibility. View
Spotlight in the Gulf with Philippe Cousteau Join Philippe Cousteau, grandson of the legendary Jacques Cousteau and Discovery Education Chief Spokesperson for Environmental Education, as he takes you and your students to the Gulf through pictures and stories to evaluate the effects of the Gulf Oil Spill. View

101 Webinar Series Maximize your use of Discovery Education content by attending an online event designed to give educators the core knowledge they need to engage students in learning. View
Web-based Tools for Digital Storytelling8/5/10No iMovie? No Final Cut? No MovieMaker? No problem! Learn about some of the best web based tools for video editing and how you can leverage them to take digital storytelling to an all new level. View
Earth Day: Celebrating Our Past & Future Efforts to Conserve our Oceans4/22/10   Tune in and watch Philippe Cousteau share his thoughts on how the growth of the environmental movement has created positive impacts for our planet, and how students have the power to make a positive difference over the next fifty years. View

Homework Gone Digital4/24/10Learn how to differentiate your instruction and connect with your students using the Discovery Education Student Center. We?ll start by creating quizzes, assignments and writing prompts using the Builders in DE streaming. Then we?ll create a classroom and show you how to assign content to your students. View
Streamathon 2011
Bend it, Break it, Bust it Loose: 10 Easy Ways Discovery Education STREAMING Can Change the Way you Teach
9/21/11Jim Morrison once encouraged his fan base to "break on through to the other side." While you won't get to hear any 10 minute psychedelic riffs during this session you will learn new and innovative ways to combine the resources found inside DE STREAMING that will challenge and, perhaps change, the way you present information. Join us as we explore new and exciting ways to incorporate media and technology into the classroom with DE STREAMING. View

Streamathon 2011
iPADdling Down the Stream
9/21/11iPads have taken the education community by storm. And Discovery Education isn't one to miss the boat! During this session, we'll explore ways that people can access DE Streaming media via the iPad, as well as innovative ways to create content using multimedia. We'll also review the best browsers for interacting with Flash content, and for downloading DE media directly to your iPad! View

Streamathon 2011
BTS 2011 Enhancements
9/21/11Discover the new and exciting changes that have been implemented by Discovery Education for Back to School 2011. This session will review the enhancements to My Admin features, such as the Bulk Import and student access. You will also get an overview of Assignment Manager and Classroom manager, the two new sections added for teachers to manage assignments and classes within Discovery Education. View

Streamathon 2011
Lunch and Learn with My Admin
9/21/11Do you have Administrator access in Discovery Education? Grab your lunch and pull up a seat! We're going to walk you through the My Admin tool for user management and general account/administrative tasks. Find out everything you always needed to know but were afraid to ask. View

Streamathon 2011
Special Guest Jean Craighead George
9/21/11DEstreaming isn't just for teachers. Bring your class full of students, and let's check out all the cool things they can do. Join us for a special student focused session starting with renowned children's book author Jean Craighead George. The author of My Side of the Mountain, Julie of the Wolves, and many other classic stories for children will share with students and answer their questions. View

Streamathon 2011
Reaching All Learners with Discovery Education
9/21/11Put the power of learning at the fingertips of your students through Discovery Education's Student Center. Students can take charge of their learning and become content creators by leveraging the digital media available to them. With unique student logins, educators can differentiate student learning through the use of tools such the writing prompt, quiz, and assignment builder. View

Streamathon 2011
WHERE Are You Headed?               
9/21/11They say “Life is a Highway” but where’s the road map?!? In a world bombarded with different media types, educators are asking WHERE do we go from here? Join us to learn new and impactful ways to increase student engagement in your class starting next week. See examples of how teachers across the nation are utilizing media to help transform their teaching from the hook at the beginning of the unit to the summative assessments at the end. View

Streamathon 2011
Supporting the Learning Process with Discovery Education
9/21/11During this session we'll explore different simple and easy tools and practices that you can use to check for understanding and differentiate your instruction. Along the way we'll highlight the back-to-school enhancements inside Discovery Education STREAMING and explore how to assign materials and view results within the unified Classroom and Assignment Managers. Finally, we'll demonstrate how easy all of these tools can be used to monitor student learning and provide effective instructional feedback! View

Streamathon 2011
That Sounds Great! Using Discovery Education Audio in the Classroom
9/21/11From songs, sound effects, speeches, book readings, and world music, Discovery Education has thousands of audio files in its multi-media library. In this session, we'll listen closely for uses of mp3s in the classroom. From project ideas to lesson planning, it is sure to be a platinum hit. View

Streamathon 2011
Connecting Language Learners to the Curriculum through Digital Media
9/21/11With diverse classroom populations, your ability to differentiate feels more important than ever. In this session, explore Discovery Education through the lens of Language Learners and see how digital media and technology can engage and benefit students from all backgrounds. View

Streamathon 2011
State of the DEN
9/21/11Not yet a STAR Discovery Educator? This session will get you on the path! Already a DEN STAR? Get the latest news and updates for 2011-2012 from around the Discovery Educator Network. View

Streamathon 2011
Engaging Students with Discovery Education
9/21/11Are you looking for new ways to engage your students with Discovery Education? Why not put the power of learning at their fingertips through our redesigned Student Center. With unique logins students can browse grade-specific content and access personalized assignments. In this webinar we will demonstrate new ways to deliver resources to motivate students, engage higher order thinking, and achieve curriculum learning goals. View
101 Webinar Series Maximize your use of Discovery Education content by attending an online event designed to give educators the core knowledge they need to engage students in learning. View
Spotlight on the Gulf with Philippe Cousteau6/3/10Join Philippe Cousteau, grandson of the legendary Jacques Cousteau and Discovery Education Chief Spokesperson for Environmental Education, as he takes you and your students to the Gulf through pictures and stories to evaluate the effects of the Gulf Oil Spill. View

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