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Yahoo! Helps Make Classroom Dreams Come True

Help Make A Classroom's Dream Come True!

Yahoo! and have teamed up to make classroom's dreams come true! On September 13, Yahoo! surprised Lida Hooe Elementary School in Dallas by not only funding projects for four lucky teachers, but also by giving the school more than $40,000 in digital storytelling technology. Over the course of the day the students created digital stories using their new laptops, green screens, flip cams and more. Ron Corning, an anchor on ABC Affiliate WFAA and Yahoo!'s CMO Elisa Steele hosted a school assembly that showcased the students' videos and surprised the school with $40k in new technology and professional development.

Want to make other classrooms' dreams come true? Now through October 16th, visit and when you make Yahoo! your homepage Yahoo! will fund school projects. Visit for more information.