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Curriculum Team
Transform Your Curriculum


The Discovery Education curriculum team is built around a unique combination of expertise developed through years of experience, along with a passion to improve teaching and learning through the compelling use of digital media in the classroom.

Having implemented successful programs throughout their careers, they merge an inspirational drive towards meeting the needs of today's students with practical, real-world best practices that lead to success in all educational environments.

Our Team of Experts

  • Dr. Patricia A. Hagan

    Director Content Development, Discovery Education

    Over 30 years educational experience:

    • Accomplished classroom teacher
    • Department chair leading her colleagues implementation of 5E model
    • District-level curriculum coordinator
    • Educational consultant and national expert in implementing the 5E Instructional Model
  • Mr. William McDonald

    Director Curriculum  Development, Science and Mathematics, Discovery Education

    Over 36 years educational experience:

    • Elementary/Middle School Science, Mathematics and Technology Teacher
    • Elementary Science Supervisor
    • Principal Investigator, NSF Science
    • Systemic Reform Grant
    • Director of Curriculum Development, K-12
    • Director of Elementary Instruction and Achievement
  • Mr. Dale Fulton

    Chief Academic Officer, Discovery Education

    Over 38 years educational experience:

    • Classroom teacher, high school department chair
    • Foreign Language/English Supervisor
    • Director of High School Instruction and Achievement
    • Associate Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction
  • Dr. Shanika Hope

    Senior Director, Curriculum and Instructions, Discovery Education

    Over 17 years educational experience:

    • Classroom teacher and School Principal
    • Assistant Superintendent (Curriculum and Instruction/Assessment)
    • School Reform (High Schools and Urban Districts)
    • Data Use and Practice in Schools
  • Dr. Carmen Arroyo

    Senior Director, Research and Data Analysis, Discovery Education

    Over 25 years educational research experience:

    • National expert in evaluation of education initiatives and school-based health services
    • Director of Research, US Department of Education National High School Center
    • Principal Investigator, NSF and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
    • Special Advisor for Research and Evaluation, US Department of Health and Human Services
    • Director of Research Training, University of Maryland School of Medicine
    • Fellow, Yale University, Edward Zigler Center in Child Development and Social Policy
    • Assistant Professor of Social and Developmental Psychology, Williams College
  • Jenny Bradbury

    Director, Curriculum and Instructional Technology

    Over 15 years educational experience:

    • Middle/High School Classroom Teacher
    • Educational digital media producer for national broadcast organization
    • Teacher certification assessment developer
    • Expertise includes: media and technology integration and international education
  • David Marsland

    Content Specialist, K-12 Science Techbook

    34 years educational experience:

    • Accomplished middle/high school science teacher and science department chair
    • District science specialist
    • Principal Investigator, NSF and Department of Education grants
    • Director of Science Teacher Professional Development, Smithsonian Institution
    • Inquiry curriculum development specialist and published author
  • Kevin Jenkins

    Content Specialist, 6-12 Social Studies Techbook

    17 years educational experience:

    • Classroom teacher, middle and high school Social Studies
    • District-level Social Studies Curriculum specialist
    • Content lead, Maryland High School Assessment
    • Social Studies Specialist, Maryland State Department of Education
  • Daniel Byerly

    Director, Social Studies Techbook

    Over 9 years educational experience:

    • Secondary school Social Studies teacher
    • Social Studies Subject Area Supervisor: K-12
    • Director of Curriculum: Preschool - 12
    • Member, State Common Core Task Force

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