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Administrator Academy for Data Analysis with Discovery Assessment

District and school administrators will study easy-to-read reports with a focus on analyzing and interpreting district-wide, school-wide and classroom data. Leaders will participate in hands-on activities to prepare data-based task assignments and create action plans for their faculty. These action plans will include grade level, individual teacher, and student subgroup inclusive information used to make decisions based on fact. The plans will also include resources to guide re-teaching strategies and interventions, and use Progress Zone to monitor progress.


  • District and School Administrative Leaders and Site Principals


  • 6 hours

Maximum Participants

  • 20

System Requirements

  • Lab setting with one computer for each participant, but not required
  • Internet access
  • Presentation station for presenter with computer and LCD projector


  • None (requires basic knowledge of office computing)

Recommended Companion Courses

Learning Outcomes

By the completion of this session participants will be able to:

  • Perform administrative functions on the Discovery Education Assessment Site
  • Create and analyze administrative reports
  • Gather task assignments for faculty
  • Have a working knowledge of standards/competencies for each grade within a school and state
  • Review digital resources for re-teaching and intervention strategies
  • Create and assign or share probes
  • Use probe reports to monitor individual and group progress
  • Use student data to make academic decisions

Sample Agenda

  1. Rationale behind Discovery Education Assessment
  2. Features of Discovery Education Assessment for Principals and District officials
  3. Identification, interpretation and analysis of district, school and teacher reports
  4. Review digital resources and practice using Progress Zone
  5. Debrief and evaluation

We have really transformed the environment of the classroom and the processes of instructional delivery. We have moved it to the next level.

Dr. Willie Giles

Deputy Superintendent, Indianapolis Public Schools