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Early Skills Assessment (ESA) Benchmark Tests

ESA is a K–2 assessment tool that measures literacy skills Identified by the National Reading Panel and the National Mathematics Panel. Participants will learn to continually monitor and assess the basic reading and math literacy of students by measuring a full range of skills including phonemic awareness, vocabulary, comprehension (listening/reading), and comprehension and application of number sense, and operation, algebra, measurement, geometry, data, and problem solving. Participants will analyze benchmark data, identify weaknesses, use resources to design action plans, and use Progress Zone to create probes to monitor student progress.


  • K, 1, 2 Teachers


  • 6 hours

Maximum Participants

  • 25

System Requirements

  • Lab setting with one computer for each participant
  • Internet access
  • Presentation station for presenter with computer and LCD projector


  • None

Recommended Companion Courses

Learning Outcomes

By the completion of this session participants will be able to:

  • Analyze benchmark data
  • Identify academic weaknesses
  • Learn new strategies to address these weaknesses
  • Use Progress zone to monitor student progress
  • Create action plans to use for whole group instructions, grouping, and individual students.

Sample Agenda

  1. Usage of Discovery Education Assessment site and its functions
  2. Interpretation and analysis of reports
  3. Resources and Progress Zone
  4. Strategies and interventions
  5. Debrief and evaluation

They are always thinking about what are your needs first. It's not about trying to push any agenda on the district at all. It's really about what are the district's needs.

Neva Moga

Instructional Technology Specialist, Milwaukee Public Schools