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Maximizing Student Engagement with Discovery Education

This course begins with a rationale for engaging the mind through digitally interactive tools. Educators will learn how to put the power of Discovery Education streaming directly into the hands of their students. Through the use of the Student Center and Builder Tools Discovery Education streaming is transformed from an instructional tool to an interactive world for students to be fully immersed in the process of their own learning. Professional Development Master Teachers will show participants how to create an environment for student access, as well as a variety of media infused lessons, such as writing prompts and quizzes, which can be assigned directly to each individual student. Some focus will be given on how these tools will increase the power of the differentiated classroom, allowing the educator to create materials for all learning styles. In addition to direct instruction and demonstration, this course provides time for educators to explore each tool, learn its functionality and begin to create their own media rich lessons.


  • Teachers
  • Facilitators
  • Instructional Coaches


  • 6 hours

Maximum Participants

  • 25

System Requirements

  • Lab setting with one computer for each participant
  • Internet access
  • Presentation station with computer for presenter

Recommended Companion Courses

Learning Outcomes

By the completion of this session participants will be able to:

  • Create a classroom of students for the purpose of assigning materials directly to individuals and classes
  • Create a media infused writing prompt
  • Create a media infused quiz which can include both questions from a bank as well as those that are self created
  • Create a digital assignment that aggregates several pieces of media together with instructions for each piece
  • Examine how digital writing prompts, quizzes and assignments increase student engagement, interaction with content and aid in lesson differentiation

Sample Agenda

  1. Introduction to the Student Center
  2. Creating classrooms
  3. Assigning media directly to students
  4. Creating a writing prompt
  5. Hands-on Writing Prompts Builder
  6. Creating a quiz
  7. Hands-on Quiz Builder
  8. Creating an assignment
  9. Hands-on Assignment Builder
  10. Debrief and evaluations

It has been a great experience with the trainers (Discovery Education Professional Development). They know exactly what we need......we have conversations to make sure that everything we're doing is targeted to support our coaches.

Alma Gonzalez

Director, English Learning Services, Coachella Valley Unified School District