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Web 2.0 Platforms for Content Management

Creating content with Web 2.0 tools is just the first step. Most of the content created on Web 2.0 sites needs a place to live. Blogs, wikis and sites like Edmodo or provide a "home" for instructional content, student projects, and communication. This course introduces educators to the concept of managing classroom content with blogs, wikis and share sites. In addition, the concepts of using blogs for feedback and communication as well as using wikis and share sites for project based learning will be explored.


  • Teachers
  • Facilitators
  • Instructional Coaches


  • 6 hours

Maximum Participants

  • 25

System Requirements

  • Lab setting with one computer for each participant
  • Internet access
  • Presentation station with computer for presenter

Learning Outcomes

By the completion of this session participants will be able to:

  • Explore the concept of how blogs, wikis and share sites help with content management, feedback, and communication.
  • Examine some existing educator blogs and wikis.
  • Create a simple class blog.
  • Identify ways that blogs can be used for content management and communication.
  • Create a simple class wiki.
  • Identify ways that wikis can be used for content management, communication, and project based learning.
  • Explore educational sharing communities.
  • Embed Web 2.0 content on blogs, wikis, or share sites.

Sample Agenda

  1. How managing content with blogs and wikis increases student engagement communication and feedback
  2. Introduction to blogs
  3. Creating a blog (
  4. Adding Web 2.0 content to blogs
  5. Introduction to wikis
  6. Creating a wiki (
  7. Adding Web 2.0 content to wiki
  8. Introduction to Edmodo or
  9. Creating an Edmodo class environment
  10. Debrief and evaluations

Specifically in this learning community, we saw our student gains over 25% in one year which was just remarkable growth.

Scott Muri

Area Superintendent, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools