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Course Scheduling and Costs


Districts may schedule one day of professional development, a multi-year plan, or anything in between, all designed to support your goals and student/teacher needs. Since we believe in the value of keeping teachers working with their students, we also take a job-embedded approach, using model lesson demonstrations and coaching structures that enable teachers to stay in class whenever possible.


Winter weather, changed school schedules…Discovery Education understands! Key to our collaborative planning relationship is developing schedules in advance and articulating back-up dates should we need to reschedule.

Limited technology

Discovery Education Professional Development is focused on improving teaching and learning, which means that all of our professional development helps educators integrate instructional strategies that work, rich content, and technology. We have worked with educators that have one computer in the classroom and educators using one-to-one computing environments. We even have a professional development session specifically designed to help educators that do not have interactive tools.

Number of participants

Discovery Education respects your teachers’ needs to be in small learning environments, but also understands school budgets. We hold a standard of enrollment for our professional development sessions at 25 participants to ensure individual needs are met and differentiation in our training can occur.


One day of on-site professional development is generally $2,500 for a 6-hour session with one of our expert instructors. Please contact your Discovery Education account representative for more details.

Follow-up webinars are offered as part of Discovery Education's Professional Development to provide continuing support. Webinars are sold in packages of three (3) one-hour sessions for $600.

Educators who have taken Discovery Education's Professional Development are invited to participate in our Discovery Educator Network (DEN) at no additional cost. With over 125,000 members, the DEN is one of the largest professional learning communities in the United States.

Specifically in this learning community, we saw our student gains over 25% in one year which was just remarkable growth.

Scott Muri

Area Superintendent, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools