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The Discovery Education Difference

Why Us?

Discovery Education Professional Development offers school districts large and small the highest quality professional development, designed and delivered by a respected team of thought leaders in education professional development. There are many unique advantages to working with Discovery Education to meet your professional development needs:

Discovery—A name that school districts already trust

Your school district has the opportunity to form an intimate partnership not only with a proven global brand, but also with the global leader in integrating technology and digital content in the classroom. At Discovery Education, our professional development programs offer you a results-driven opportunity to build district-wide capacity and maximize your district's investment in technology and instructional strategies.

Partnerships that deliver proven results

No one knows your school district's needs better than you, that’s why we offer collaborative and customizable professional development programs. Our partnerships are just that: collaborative solutions tailored specifically for your school district.

Leading research working for you

At Discovery Education Professional Development, we base all we do on current and evolving research in education. Our courses align with national teaching and technology standards like those from ISTE, ASCD, NCREL, and NSDC. Our programs reflect solid instructional strategies such as those developed by Robert Marzano, Carol Ann Thomlinson, Douglas Reeves and other leading researchers. We remain open to emerging research and strategies that are proven to improve teaching and learning.

Whatever technology works—We teach it

Discovery Education Professional Development provides instruction on whatever technology or content you have available for instruction. Of course, we provide a variety of in-depth courses focused on the effective use of Discovery Education’s digital services. However, we go far beyond our own services and offer professional development options that provide deep insight into many available technologies and digital media available to enhance classroom instruction. And our constant, systematic evaluation process allows us to adjust our professional development based on progress and results.

Continuous support

You want a partner who believes in sustained, ongoing support for teachers, both during the implementation of professional development services and long after their initial fulfillment. We invite your teachers that take our professional development to participate in the Discovery Educator Network (DEN), our professional learning community, linking thousands of educators across the country and providing exclusive access to continuous webinars, blogs, forums, and support.

Results your district would be proud to match

What can be more important for a school administer than seeing quantifiable results? Discovery Education Professional Development has worked with countless school districts both large and small. And we have systemically documented the positive impact our programs have had. We invite you to read our case studies and see first hand how our effort to improve teaching and learning has succeeded.

We were in with the whole package on professional development because of the quality of what Discovery Education had to provide.

Dr. Eugene White

Superintendent, Indianapolis Public Schools