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Brad Fountain

Brad FountainBrad Fountain began his educational career as teacher in a grades 3-5 multi-age classroom in rural North Carolina. Having spent the previous 15+ years working with technology on his own time, he quickly began finding ways to implement his technology skills into classroom instruction. He participated in many of the first Internet classroom projects including the first MayaQuest online adventure. After six years as a classroom teacher, he became the lead technology facilitator for a rural school along the coast of North Carolina. There he provided staff development and helped to author one of the first technology assessment programs for teachers in the state of North Carolina. He then moved to Pathways Elementary School in Orange County, North Carolina, where he served as an administrator of the North Carolina Model Technology School for 2003.

Brad has presented as NECC, NCAECT, NSTA, NCETC, NCAECT, SC EdTech., and the DEN National Institutes. He has also provided leadership training for school system administrators, professional development on technology integration, and hosted the DEN podcast.

I'm eligible for retirement at 55 in Milwaukee Public Schools but because of Discovery Education, I feel that I could teach another 10 years because of the tools that this has become for me in my classroom.

Dona Leffler

Art Teacher, Milwaukee Public Schools