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Jeanette Edelstein

Jeanette EdelsteinPrior to rejoining Discovery Communications in 2009, Jeanette taught grades six through ten in the Mapleton School District in Thornton, Colorado. Mapleton was the first district to convert to all small school models to serve their student needs, and Jeanette was a strategic facilitator for the district redesign and a founding teacher at Mapleton Expeditionary School of the Arts. She has developed curriculum and assessments for English/language arts, literacy, and humanities, as well as serving on the district’s gifted and talented committee and on her school’s strategic planning committee. Jeanette is committed to ensuring equity across the academic landscape and contributing to the success of all students. Previously, she developed and delivered a mobile initiative for Animal Planet, Animal Planet Rescue, which provided disaster relief for animals as well as disaster preparedness education across the country.

I'm eligible for retirement at 55 in Milwaukee Public Schools but because of Discovery Education, I feel that I could teach another 10 years because of the tools that this has become for me in my classroom.

Dona Leffler

Art Teacher, Milwaukee Public Schools