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Discovery Education - Where Learning Comes Alive

Created by the Discovery Channel, and the energy that revolutionized media over twenty-five years ago, Discovery Education empowers educators to engage students and transform classrooms by providing dynamic curricular resources, comprehensive assessment services, and customized professional development plans with ongoing support that improve student achievement.

Discovery Education is the #1 provider of digital services to U.S. schools reaching 1 million educators, 35,000,000 students, and is in 60,000 schools

Dr. Eugene White, Moving Beyond Textbooks (1:06)

Superintendent of Indianapolis Public Schools, Indiana

Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) was in need of more engaging and relevant instructional materials to replace textbooks in their Social Studies curriculum. Working with administrators and classroom teachers, Discovery Education developed a strategy that included Discovery Education streaming, comprehensive professional development and the creation of model lessons to engage educators and students throughout the district.

"The more we can go beyond just a textbook, the more we can capture them with visual images, with dynamic content, the better engagement they're going to have, the better they're going to learn."

Scott Muri, Enriching Science Instruction (1:09)

Area Superintendent, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Public Schools, North Carolina

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) wanted to increase their science scores and provide a more relevant science curriculum to excite and engage teachers and students. Additionally CMS desired a program that helped teachers feel comfortable using digital content to teach science and enhance reading and math.

To meet this challenge, Discovery Education developed a comprehensive program that combined professional development with Discovery Education streaming, Discovery Education Science and teacher recognition events. As a result, CMS students achieved double-digit gains in Science scores year-over-year.

"Science has taken on new life and new meaning in this district. Kids are learning science concepts and learning about the scientific method because they are experiencing it on a daily basis."

Tennessee Educators Voice Their Approval (1:43)

Discovery Education regularly unites educators who successfully integrated digital media into the curriculum to increase their knowledge and share best practices among their peers. Listen to these Tennessee educators as they share their passion for Discovery Education and the value of the Discovery Educator Network (DEN).

"Building those relationships with the other educators and having the opportunity to learn and share more is always important, building that community."

Students Speak Out (1:12)

Indianapolis and Prince George's County Public Schools students share their experience of being in a 21st century classroom and the difference Discovery Education makes at school and at home.

"I just like the fact that we can use more hands on things, and we can see videos and read books and how it's more interesting to be involved than sitting at a table with a book in front of you."

Contact or call 800-323-9084 to request a preview and learn how you can go beyond the textbook.

Listen to Scott Kinney, Vice President of Global Outreach and Professional Development as he describes the emerging and growing number of reasons to move beyond textbooks.

Part I (5:04) How the world has changed for educators and students

Part II (4:32) Differentiating instruction becomes reality

Part III (4:27) It's time to evolve our practices

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