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Celebrate the Holidays

A Global Collaborative Learning Experience

Every year, citizens around the world celebrate a variety of holidays commemorating people, events, places, or things. Holidays unite people around ideas, beliefs, and customs. Join your Discovery Education Community for a collaborative project which will allow you and your students to compare holidays celebrated around the world and even invent your own.

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Celebrate the Holidays with your Discovery Education Community

Your Global Collaborative Learning Experience

Discovery Education is partnering with GlobalLab and Zaption to connect Community members with resources and tools to explore how people celebrate the holidays. Learn how holidays are categorized and the elements that make them unique by using the Discovery Education lesson starters, featuring resources from Discovery Education and video tours from Zaption. Then, register your class to participate in creating an interactive map showcasing the Favorite Holidays of students around the world.

Want to take learning a step further? Have students apply what they learned about holidays to create their own celebration commemorating a person, place, or event. Allow them to invite others to share in their celebrations by adding their creations to the Invent a Holiday interactive map.

Get Started

Use the ideas below as a guide to celebrate the holidays with your Discovery Education Community.

  • Review the Favorite Holiday and Invent a Holiday lesson starters below for resources and strategies to introduce the project.
  • Register your class to participate in the Discovery Education Celebrate the Holidays GlobalLab collaborative project.
  • Explore the Findings by customizing the charts in GlobalLab, after completing the Form, to compare your students' responses with responses from other classes.
  • Connect and extend the learning using Google Hangout or Skype to host a Facetime conversation with another participating class.
  • Share how you #CelebratewithDE on Twitter and Facebook

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Our Partners

GlobalLab: GlobalLab is a unique, web-based, educational platform that enables students, teachers, and learners of all ages to pose questions and together find answers. With GlobalLab, teachers finally have in one place all the resources, tools, partners, and support to bring authentic investigations to classrooms and homes.

Zaption: Teachers, students, and trainers use Zaption to quickly and easily add images, text, quizzes, and discussions to existing online videos. The result is an interactive video lesson that engages viewers, deepens understanding, and tracks student progress.


Access Interactive Zaption Holiday Tours

Multicultural Christmas
Valentine's Day
Cinco de Mayo
Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Access all of these tours here:

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