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DEN Fall VirtCon

Over 3,400 educators from around the world converged for the DEN Fall VirtCon. Meeting face-to-face at over 70 sites, and interacting with more than 20 presenters throughout the day, attendees connected with a Superintendent, Ed Tech experts, and master educators.
Relive the talks that spurred ideas, inspired action, and committed us to transforming teaching and learning.

Access the Archive of all 23 Sessions,
Share with Your Peers, and Grow as an Educator

James Gwertzman - Chief Evangelist

The Hour of Code is Coming!

James Gwertzman
Learn about the Hour of Code, a one-hour introduction to computer science designed to demystify "code" and show that anyone can learn the basics to be a maker, a creator, and innovator.
Troy Hicks Author

Mixing Sources, Amplifying Voices: Crafting Writing in an Information Age

Troy Hicks
Help students craft digital writing in effective ways, utilizing the information that they have found to develop multimedia texts.
Karen Beerer Common Core State Standards Expert

"Bear" in Mind: Common Core Requires Teaching for DEPTH

Karen Beerer
Unwrap the Common Core Standards and teach for DEPTH in your classroom using digital content and media.
Dr. Peggy George

A Bewitching Combination: Student Facilitators, Professional Development & Livebinders

Dr. Peggy George & Kim Thomas
Find a creative way to engage your colleagues in professional development opportunities as teachers become students and students become the teachers.
Rita Mortenson Education Technology Consultant

Back-to-School with Discovery and Some New Techniques and Tools!

Rita A. Mortenson
Discover a ton of tips, tricks, and strategies for using Discovery Education resources in your classroom this year!
Elaine Plybon Educator

Get the Conversation Started!

Elaine Plybon
Explore the ways Discovery Education media can be integrated with free, online resources to engage learners in face-to-face or online classroom discussions.
Michael Bryant Discovery Education

One Session, Four Lessons: Meeting Individual Needs in a Science Classroom

Michael Bryant
Meet the needs of your future scientists using great digital content in an inquiry-based classroom.
Kimberly Caise

Cell Phone Tricks and Treats

Kimberly Caise
Explore a variety of ‘tricks and treats’ for using cell phones with free applications to enrich learning.
Heidi Morgan

Free & Easy Ways to Wow Your Students and Parents

Heidi Morgan
Wow your students and their parents with easy and effective ways to use technology for instruction.
Rafranz Davis

I Just Fell in Love with Techbook and You Should Too! Here's Why

Rafranz Davis
Explore some of the amazing features and strategies from the Discovery Education Techbook that will leave your classes begging for more!
Michael Bryant Discovery Education

Why is the Sky Blue?: Top 10 Elementary Science Questions Explained

Mike Bryant
Find explanations, in plain English, for some of the common science questions elementary teachers are asked.
Superintendent Dallas Dance of Baltimore County Public Schools

Personalize Learning For All: Implementing an Instructional Digital Conversion

Dallas Dance
Find out how Baltimore County Public Schools is moving toward an instructional digital conversion or a 1:1 platform – meaning that each BCPS student will have a digital learning device in his or her hands, and standards will ensure that each classroom has a 21st century technology environment.
Brad Fountain Discovery Education

COMMON Practices that Get to the CORE of Great Instruction using Discovery Education Science Techbook

Brad Fountain
Explore concrete literacy examples that can be used in every science classroom.
Rafranz Davis

Creating and Communicating Digital Ideas with Haiku Deck and Movenote

Rafranz Davis
Learn how to create presentations using the Haiku Deck app
Sam Blanco

EdTech in Special Ed

Sam Blanco
Understand how to use the built-in accessibility features on the iPad and discover apps for skill areas such as receptive language, expressive language, visual performance, fine motor skills, and more.
David Fisher

Full S.T.E.A.M. Ahead

David Fisher
Learn how your personal technology canpositively impact your classroom while adhering to Common Core State Standards.
Telannia Norfar

Just Chat, Google, or Pin

Telannia Norfar
Find out how to use great resources like Twitter, Google Hangouts, and Pinterest  in the classroom.
Jeanette Edelstein

Board Builder and 50 Ways to Use It

Jeanette Edelstein
Discover how to create a board and explore creative samples of board assignments.
Jenny Bradbury

Digital Media and the Common Core

Jenny Bradbury
Find out how to use Discovery Education Streaming Plus to address the Common Core State Standards in English language arts and mathematics.
Karen Ogen

How Creative Classrooms Use Cameras for Curriculum

Karen Ogen
Integrate visual media into classroom projects that will engage your learners.
Brad Fountain Discovery Education

Making History with Discovery Education Social Studies Techbook

Brad Fountain
Experience the first fully digital Social Studies Techbook with all new material for modern history.
Kathy Beck

Tech Treats or Tricks

Kathy Beck
Explore various websites that will allow you to customize how you provide resources for research.
Kelly Hines

What Do Teachers Make?

Kelly Hines
Encourage your students to own their learning by making them makers.
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