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Body Organs: Matching Body-Organs-Matching

Use the following words: Name: _______________________
_____ Stomach 1) largest single organ; cleans out poisons in blood and takes vitamins out of the blood
_____ Lungs 2) destroys worn out red blood cells and stores red blood cells
_____ Small Intestine 3) gives body its shape and protects organs
_____ Skeleton 4) helps us smell and uses small hair/mucus to clean and warm air
_____ Large Intestine 5) makes pancreatic juice and insulin to regulate blood sugar
_____ Muscles 6) stores a greenish yellow liquid called bile and shaped like a pear
_____ Brain 7) helps us taste bitter/sweet/sour/salty
_____ Spleen 8) help us see and uses tear to clean
_____ Kidneys 9) 5 feet long and pushes solid waste out of the body
_____ Bladder 10) pumps blood throughout the body
_____ Heart 11) help us hear
_____ Pancreas 12) digest or break down food into smaller pieces and hold food for about 2 hours
_____ Gall Bladder 13) take carbon dioxide out of blood and put oxygen into blood
_____ Liver 14) clean blood and send liquid waste to bladder
_____ Skin 15) protects body from getting hurt and covers the whole body
_____ Eyes 16) sends messages to the body and helps my vital organs do their job (heart/lungs/etc)
_____ Nose 17) 20 feet long and digests food as it pushes the food to large intestine
_____ Ears 18) helps hold organs in place and help organs do their job
_____ Tongue 19) storehouse for liquid waste