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Bridge To Terabithia: Matching Bridge-To-Terabithia-Matching

Use the following words: Name: _______________________
_____ speculation 1)excess or too much
_____ foundling 2)clown or fool
_____ jester 3)very serious
_____ exile 4)extremely hot
_____ obsessed 5)a group of three
_____ reluctant 6)a guess
_____ comprehend 7)great excitement
_____ suprlus 8)preoccupied with one thought
_____ smirk 9)to look forward to something
_____ distracted 10)understand
_____ solemnly 11)mean or unfriendly
_____ crimson 12)dark red; almost purple
_____ scalding 13)to stare at
_____ retreating 14)force to leave a place
_____ pandemonium 15)unwilling to do something
_____ garish 16)going back
_____ hostile 17)a half-smile with an evil intent
_____ anticipation 18)an abandoned infant
_____ glare 19)gaudyor very showy
_____ trio 20)drew attention to something else