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Business Computer Applications: Matching Business-Computer-Applications-Matching

Use the following words: Name: _______________________
_____ Tab 1) A word made from the first letter of each word in name sentence or phrase.
_____ Font 2) To create a duplicate of a selection and move it to the Clipboard.
_____ Case 3) The method of operation used to replace existing text in document with new text.
_____ Return Address 4) A temporary storage area that can hold up to twelve selections at a time.
_____ Delivery address 5) The method of operation used for inserting new text within existing text in a document. Insert mode is the default.
_____ E-mail (electronic mail) 6) The command for reversing the Undo command.
_____ Internet 7) To delete a selection from its original location and move it to the Clipboard.
_____ Intranet 8) Important words found in document. Keywords can be used to classify a document.
_____ Proofreaders' marks 9) The author's address typically appearing at the very top of the letter as well as in the upper-left corner of an envelope.
_____ Insert mode 10) The recipient's address printed on the outside of an envelope.
_____ Overtype mode 11) Symbols written on a printed document to indicate where revisions are required.
_____ Document properties 12) To insert a selection from the Clipboard into a document.
_____ Keywords 13) The action of using a mouse to drag a selection from its original location and drop it in a new location.
_____ Undo 14) A global network of computers.
_____ Redo 15) A set of characters with a specific typeface size and style.
_____ Acronym 16) A method of sending information from one computer to another across the Internet or intranet.
_____ Cut 17) The command for reversing a previous action.
_____ Paste 18) Categories of information about a document.
_____ Clipboard 19) A location (or measurement) you use to align text.
_____ Drag-and-drop editing 20) The specific use of upper- or lowercase letters.
_____ Copy 21) A network of computers within a business or organization.