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Chemical Bonding: Matching Chemical-Bonding-Matching

Use the following words: Name: _______________________
_____ ionic bonding 1) combination of atoms formed by a covalent bond
_____ covalent bonding 2) group of covalently bonded atoms that act like a single atom when combining with other atoms
_____ chemical bonding 3) the electron in the outermost energy level
_____ ion 4) element whose atoms can form covalent bonds with another atom of the same element
_____ valence electron 5) the process of removing electrons and forming ions
_____ electron dot diagram 6) bonding that involves a transfer of electrons
_____ ionization 7) an atom that has become charged due to the loss or gain of electrons
_____ ionization energy 8) the energy needed for ionization
_____ electron affinity 9) a regular repeating arrangement of atoms
_____ crystal lattice 10) covalent substance whose molecules are very large and because the atoms involved continue to bond to one another
_____ diatomic element 11) diagram that uses the chemical symbol for an element surrounded by series of dots to represent the electron sharing that takes place in a covalent bond
_____ molecule 12) bonding that involves the sharing of electrons
_____ network solid 13) the tendency of an atom to attract electrons
_____ polyatomic ion 14) the combining of elements to form new substances