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Elements Of Short Stories: Matching Elements-Of-Short-Stories-Matching

Use the following words: Name: _______________________
_____ theme 1) the hero or good person in the story
_____ plot 2) story told in first person and is a true story
_____ exposition 3) something that stands for something else
_____ rising action 4) story told from the "I" point of view
_____ conflict 5) set of actions bringing the story to an end
_____ climax 6) the author's attitude toward the subject of his/her writing
_____ falling action 7) the opposing force(s) between the protagonist and antagonist
_____ resolution 8) where a story takes place
_____ flat character 9) plot in the story that builds to the climax
_____ rounded character 10) the high point of the story when the conflict is resolved
_____ protagonist 11) come across as real people
_____ antagonist 12) the force that opposes the protagonist
_____ tone 13)to chart a course
_____ setting 14)position from which the story is told to the reader
_____ autobiography 15) a piece of prose that can be read in one sitting
_____ first person 16) the main idea or message of the story
_____ third person 17) story told from the "he she they" point of view
_____ point of view 18) stereotype
_____ symbolism 19) background information
_____ short story 20) "wrap up" of the story plot