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Endocrine System: Matching Endocrine-System-Matching

Use the following words: Name: _______________________
_____ endocrine system 1) calcium homeostasis
_____ endocrine glands 2) female reproductive glands
_____ target tissue 3) responsible for carbohydrate metabolism
_____ hormones 4) glands that send secretions called hormones to specific sites
_____ pituitary gland 5) responsible for fight / flight
_____ thyroid gland 6) specialized tissues that are effected by hormones
_____ parathyroid gland 7) male reproductive glands
_____ oxytocin 8) produced by the ovaries
_____ pancreas 9) regulates metabolism and uses iodine
_____ adrenal glands 10) often called the master gland
_____ ovaries 11) made up of three groups: Amines, Proteins, and steroids
_____ testes 12) produced by the posterior pituitary gland causes contractions of the uterus and stimulates the release of milk
_____ progesterone 13) the other regulating system of the body
_____ testosterone 14) development of secondary sex characteristics