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Entrepreneurship: Matching Entrepreneurship-Matching

Use the following words: Name: _______________________
_____ serendipity 1) making fortunate discoveries by accident
_____ opportunity 2) steps taken towards the achieving of one's goals
_____ challenge 3) money left over after all expenses are paid
_____ need 4) exclusive rights for symbols or designs
_____ commercial 5) business organization run by one person
_____ fad 6) two or more individuals operate a business for profit
_____ goal 7) a vehicle to inform the public about a product or service
_____ profit 8) used to represent the role held at a business
_____ promotion 9) protection for books and maps; lyrics and musical scores
_____ stepping stone's 10) "fashion" that is taken up with great enthusiasm for a brief period of time
_____ patent 11) legal entity which exists separately from shareholders (owners)
_____ trademarks 12) reveals whether a business has made money or not
_____ copyrights 13) something required
_____ ROI 14) an end that one works toward
_____ sole proprietorships 15) ways to break the market down into different categories
_____ partnership 16) profit motive
_____ corporations 17) favorable or suitable occasion or time
_____ business card 18) test one's abilities
_____ segmentation 19) return on investment
_____ income statement 20) protection for inventions