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Force & Simple Machines Test: Matching Force-and-Simple-Machines-Test-Matching

Use the following words: Name: _______________________
_____ Force 1)an object placed under a lever to take part of the weight of an object from the lever
_____ Muscles 2)a machine that has a few moving parts that makes work easier
_____ Newton's 1st Law 3)the weight of an object
_____ Newton's 2nd Law of Motion 4)the fulcrum is between the load and the force
_____ Newton's 3rd Law 5)a bar used to put force at one end and lift an object at the other
_____ Friction 6)Action equals Reaction
_____ Gravity 7)one type of force
_____ Machines 8)F=ma
_____ Simple machines 9)an inclined plane used to push an object to a higher level with less effort
_____ Wheel and axle 10)a bar that connects two wheels
_____ Inclined plane 11)make man's work easier
_____ Ramp 12)the effort necessary to do work
_____ Lever 13)Law of Inertia
_____ Fulcrum 14)a type of first class lever
_____ Resistance 15)gives resistance to a thing that is pushed
_____ Axle 16)a simple machine used in cars
_____ Mechanical advantage 17)large objects attract (pull toward themselves) smaller objects
_____ Nail puller 18)a wedge or a screw
_____ Bottle cap opener 19)how much less an object seems to weigh when using a simple machine
_____ Fishing pole 20)a type of second class lever
_____ First class lever 21)the load is between the fulcrum and the force
_____ Second class lever 22)a type of third class lever
_____ Third class lever 23)the force is between the fulcrum and the load