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General Terms: Matching General-Terms-Matching

Use the following words: Name: _______________________
_____ Abacus 1) spaces found on the motherboard. Smaller daughterboards are connected into the expansion slots of the motherboard.
_____ Analog Computers 2) are 5.25 inch or 3.5 inch in diameter. The disk is enclosed in a plastic case. It is used to store data.
_____ Artificial Intelligence (AI) 3) is a peripheral device that displays information to you.
_____ Cathode Ray Tube (C.R.T.) 4) is electronic mailing of personal letters from one computer to another.
_____ Circuit 5) is found on the outside of your computer. This is where you insert floppy disks. These disk drives are usually known as the a: and the b: drive.
_____ Circuit Boards 6) is an enormous network made up of thousands of interconnected smaller networks throughout the entire world. It is also known as the information superhighway.
_____ CD-ROM 7) is the center of a network. It is the computer which contains all the files and software for all the computers in the network.
_____ CD-ROM Drive 8)is a computer term used when a computer seems or appears to be thinking like a human.
_____ Computer 9) is a peripheral device which produces an on-screen display and also includes all the internal circuitry such as the cathode ray tube
_____ Daughterboards 10) are made of plastic and contain chips - metal tracks - and electronic devices such as resistors - transistors and capacitors.
_____ Expansion slots 11)is the first counting and calculating machine invented by the Chinese about 4000 years ago.
_____ File server 12) were the first counting tools.
_____ Fingers and toes 13) a set of electronic components that perform a particular function in an electronic system. It is the path the electricity follows.
_____ E-Mail 14) is found on the outside of the computer. It is where you insert your CD-ROM. It is usually known as the d: drive.
_____ Floppy disk drive 15) is inside the monitor. The screen is attached to it.
_____ Floppy disks 16) is Read Only Memeory.
_____ Hard Drive 17) International Business Machines is the largest computer company in the world.
_____ Input Device 18) found inside the computer. It is used to store and save what you put into the computer
_____ I.B.M 19) is the system board of a computer.
_____ Integrated Circuit (I.C.) 20) was invented in 1958; it combines all the parts a computer needs to run in one small place-a chip.
_____ Internet 21) is an electronic machine. It is a tool used to do work.
_____ Monitor 22)are used by scientists and engineers. These kinds of computers compare and measure such scientific quantities as temperature - weight - speed - voltage - frequencies
_____ Motherboard 23) Read Only Memory is a permanent memory chip inside a computer. Its contents cannot be altered or erased.
_____ Mouse 24) is when two or more computers are interconnected. They can communicate with one another
_____ Network 25) is a peripheral device used to input information into the computer.
_____ Output Device 26) Random Access Memory which is the computers primary workplace. It is temporary memory because once you turn off the computer all its contents will be erased.
_____ R.A.M. 27) is an input device used for moving a cursor on the screen.
_____ R.O.M 28) are circuit boards which are connected to the expansion slots on the motherboard of the computer.