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Long I Words: Matching Long-I-Words-Matching

Use the following words: Name: _______________________
_____ mild 1) in great power, size or amount
_____ pipeline 2) calm
_____ find 3) 12:00 am, the middle of the night
_____ flight 4) a tower with a strong light on top to warn or guide ships
_____ type 5) not busy
_____ blind 6) a quanity of something that is needed or ready for use
_____ mile 7) a group of words that sound alike
_____ midnight 8) to discover
_____ idle 9) a substance that explodes with great force
_____ style 10) to make tight
_____ pilot 11) a person who operates an aircraft
_____ mighty 12) a person who robs a ship at sea
_____ supply 13) a distance traveled by a bird or aircraft
_____ pirate 14) a particular way of doing something
_____ lighthouse 15) to be unable to see
_____ hydrant 16) a hanging pointed piece of ice
_____ tighten 17) a measure of distance
_____ icicle 18) a group of things that are alike
_____ rhyme 19) a wide covered pipe that sticks out of the ground and is attached to an underground water supply
_____ dynamite 20) a line of pipe used to carry gas or oil