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Nervous System: Matching Nervous-System-Matching

Use the following words: Name: _______________________
_____ afferent neurons 1) bundles of cell bodies outside of the CNS.
_____ autonomic nervous system 2) Potassium ions inside the plasma membrane and sodium ions are outside.
_____ axon 3) similar to the insulation of an electrical wire.
_____ central nervous system 4) largest part of the brain
_____ cerebellum 5) control of involuntary actions
_____ cerebrum 6) transmit impulses to the cell body of a neuron
_____ dendrites 7) comprised of the brain and spinal cord.
_____ depolarization 8) allows the control of skeletal muscles.
_____ efferent neurons 9) similar to the body's "autopilot".
_____ ganglion 10) indentations in the myelin
_____ myelin 11) the membrane returns to its normal or polarized state.
_____ nodes of Ranvier 12) sodium gates open and sodium ions rush into the neuron.
_____ polarization 13) transmit impulses away from the CNS to an effector.
_____ repolarization 14) similar to a conductor in a electrical wire.
_____ somatic nervous system 15) a small gap between the presynaptic and postsynaptic membranes.
_____ synapse 16) those that take impulses toward the CNS