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Properties Of Numbers: Matching Properties-Of-Numbers-Matching

Use the following words: Name: _______________________
_____ 5x(3+6)=(5x3)+(5x6) 1)Associative Property of Multiplication(AX)
_____ 0/4=0 2)Associative Property of Addition(A+)
_____ 4x3=3x4 3)Commutative Property of Addition(C+)
_____ (3x5)x2=3x(5x2) 4)Identity Property of 0(ID-0)
_____ (6+8)+(4+6)=(4+6)+(6+8) 5)Multiplication and Division Property of 0(x-0)
_____ (3+5)+5=3+(5+5) 6)Commutative Property of Addition(CA)
_____ 14/1=14 7)Multiplication and Division Property of 0(X-0)
_____ 2x8=8x2 8)Associative Property of Multiplication(AX)
_____ 0+6=6 9)Distributive Property(Distrib)
_____ (6x25)x4=6x(25x4) 10)Multiplication and Division Property of 0(X-0)
_____ 8x0=8 11)Distributive Property(Distrib)
_____ (8x3)-(6x3)=3x(8-6) 12)Associative Property of Multiplication(AX)
_____ 18x1=18 13)Associative Property of Multiplication(AX)
_____ 16-16=0 14)Identity Property of 1(ID-1)
_____ 18+12=12+18 15)Identity Property of 0(ID-0)
_____ (5x10)x10=5x(10x10) 16)Commutative Property of Multiplication(CX)
_____ 3x(2+5)=(3x2)+(3x5) 17)Distributive Property(Distrib)
_____ (4+12)+18=4+(12+18) 18)Identity Property of 1(ID-1)
_____ 21x0=0 19)Associative Property of Addition(A+)
_____ (18x10)x10=18x(10x10) 20)Commutative Property of Multiplication(CX)