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Regions Of The Unites States: Matching Regions-Of-The-Unites-States-Matching

Use the following words: Name: _______________________
_____ History 1) a wide deep area bordered by higher land
_____ Geography 2) an area including a large city and many people
_____ Immigrant 3) the study of past events and people
_____ Metropolitan 4) the saving and protecting of natural resources
_____ Natural Resource 5) the region in the center of our country
_____ Region 6) the region of the Cascade Mountains and the Sierra Nevada Mountains that borders the Pacific Ocean
_____ Coastal Plain 7) a person who moves to another country to live
_____ Appalachian Highlands 8) the region we live in
_____ Interior Lowlands 9) the study of the earth and how people use it
_____ Great Plains 10) a wide area of flat grassy land
_____ Elevation 11) the region between the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific West region
_____ Plain 12) the height of land above the level of the ocean
_____ Intermontane West 13) things provided by nature that are useful to people
_____ Basin 14) an area with common characteristics that makes it different from surrounding areas
_____ Pacific West 15) the region that includes 9 islands that are the tops of ocean volcanoes
_____ Hawaii 16) the region that include the Catskill and Blue Ridge and Green Mountains
_____ Fossil fuel 17) the region on the Atlantic Ocean
_____ Conservation 18) a nonrenewable energy source found underground made from plant and animal material thousands of years ago