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Rocks And Minerals: Matching Rocks-And-Minerals-Matching

Use the following words: Name: _______________________
_____ rock 1) melted rock beneath the earth's surface
_____ lava 2) example of sedimentary rock
_____ magma 3) example of igneous rock
_____ basalt 4) example of metamorphic rock
_____ sediments 5) melted rock above the earth's surface
_____ slate 6) a solid material made up of minerals
_____ limestone 7) rocks that form under pressure and heat within the earth
_____ igneous 8) causes sediments to stick together
_____ sedimentary 9) a rock that forms when melted rock cools and hardens
_____ metamorphic 10) tiny pieces of rock
_____ compaction 11) rocks that form from sediments
_____ cementation 12) presses sediments together