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Short I Words: Matching Short-I-Words-Matching

Use the following words: Name: _______________________
_____ if 1) a white liquid food produced by female mammals
_____ fix 2) a strong desire or want for something
_____ pin 3) a cold blooded animal that lives in water
_____ his 4) the pronoun to do with him
_____ mix 5) a type of glove used in baseball
_____ rip 6) the end of an object
_____ kiss 7) the past tense of hide
_____ tip 8) a short piece of wire with a sharp point used to hold things together
_____ hid 9) having much money
_____ milk 10) a plate or shallow bowl used for holding food
_____ dish 11) to touch with the lips to show affection
_____ mitt 12) to tear
_____ fish 13) to stir or blend
_____ rich 14) in the event that
_____ wish 15) to repair