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Slavery: Matching Slavery-Matching

Use the following words: Name: _______________________
_____ abolish 1) some slaves rebelled and killed white people
_____ The official end of the African slave trade 2) where new ideas and inventions were changing things
_____ 1820's & 1830's 3) to end or do away with something
_____ Robert E Lee 4) a runaway slave who spoke for the Massuchusetts Anti-Slavery Society
_____ North 5)Wrote "Slavery is a moral evil in any society..."
_____ South 6) 1808
_____ abolitionist movement 7)in the first years of the 19th century ended slavery
_____ political power 8) to separate from other states
_____ European countries 9) to do away with slavery
_____ secede 10)what both the North & South wanted
_____ Frederick Douglas 11) became isolated and didn't grow with the 19th century