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Vocabulary Terms: Matching Vocabulary-Terms-Matching

Use the following words: Name: _______________________
_____ excavating 1) A contest of ability or skill.
_____ consolation 2) The actual thing cried out suddenly.
_____ aspire 3) The written or verbal request.
_____ expedition 4) The act of comforting in time of grief or defeat or trouble.
_____ competition 5) (1)to arrange in a particular order (2) to make someone willing to settle a matter.
_____ disposed 6) Putting limits and meaning to something.
_____ organization 7) A person's tempermanet or a habit that reoccurs.
_____ definition 8) Publicly & officially announcing.
_____ perspiration 9) The group of people or things put together for a reason.
_____ console 10)A trip made by an organized group of people with a definite purpose.
_____ exclamation 11) High level of cultural & technological advancement.
_____ invite 12) The act of crying out or speaking in strong & sudden emotion.
_____ civilization 13) The ambitious goal.
_____ invitation 14) The something that is done to comfort others because of grief or defeat or trouble.
_____ aspiration 15) The official & public announcement.
_____ exclaim 16) Requests the presence or participation.
_____ disposition 17) sweat (ec. for the technical definition)
_____ compete 18) To strongly desire; a great ambition.
_____ proclamation 19) To uncover by digging or scooping out.
_____ proclaim 20) To strive or struggle with others for profit or prize.