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Use the following words: Name: _______________________
_____ bonjour 1)instrument used to measure wind speed
_____ Paris 2)flow of air from the sea to the land
_____ atmosphere 3)large body of air with uniform properties throughout
_____ conduction 4) direct transfer of heat energy from one substance to another
_____ convection 5)process in which carbon dioxide and other gases in the atmosphere absorb infrared radiation from the sun
_____ radiation 6)line on a weather map that connects locations with the same air pressure
_____ greenhouse effect 7)measure of the force of air pressing down on the Earth's surface
_____ thermometer 8)line on a weather map that connects locations with the same temperature
_____ air pressure 9)boundary that forms when two air masses with different properties meet
_____ barometer 10)movement of air from an area of higher pressure to an area of lower pressure
_____ wind 11)instrument used to measure temperature
_____ sea breeze 12)transfer of heat in a fluid
_____ land breeze 13)percentage of moisture the air holds relative to the amount it could hold at a particular temperature
_____ Coriolis effect 14)transfer of energy in space in the form of waves
_____ anemometer 15)instrument used to measure air pressure
_____ evaporation 16)flow of air from the land to the sea
_____ relative humidity 17)The capital of France.
_____ psychrometer 18)instrument used to measure rainfall
_____ precipitation 19)shifts in wind direction caused by the rotation of the Earth on its axis
_____ rain gauge 20) process by which radiant energy from the sun turns liquid into a gas
_____ air mass 21)hello
_____ front 22) envelope of gases surrounding the Earth
_____ isotherm 23)process by which water returns to the Earth in the form of rain
_____ isobar 24)instrument used to measure relative humidity