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Word Processing Vocabulary: Matching Word-Processing-Vocabulary-Matching

Use the following words: Name: _______________________
_____ cursor 1) all of the text
_____ insert 2) to add characters to a document by moving the old characters over to make room for the new
_____ font 3) different styles and sizes of type
_____ tab 4) a measurement of how big the font will be
_____ delete 5) to remove characters from a document
_____ characters 6) the placeholder on the computer monitor
_____ text 7) the letters, numbers and all the special signs that you see on the keyboard
_____ point 8) the space around the printing--above below left side and right side
_____ document 9) a key that allows you to move more than one space at a time
_____ margin 10) words that are made by the characters
_____ indent 11) to move a line in more than one space