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Haiti Earthquake

Discovery Education joins the rest of the world in its concern for the people of Haiti after the recent tragic earthquake.

Your students have likely seen earthquake videos and images in the news, and have heard stories about how the tragedy has impacted the people of Haiti.

When an event of this magnitude takes place, it is natural for students to be curious, asking questions like "What causes earthquakes?" or "What country had the largest recorded earthquake?"

They may want to know about famous earthquakes throughout history, or express desire to learn some general earthquake facts. Depending on what part of the country you are in, they may want to research earthquake fault line maps.

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Discovery Education has a number of free resources to help you integrate
this information into your classroom instruction including:


What causes earthquakes?

Earthquakes are sudden movements of the earth's crust, which change the look of the earth's surface and destroy things on land.

Earthquake Vocabulary
Earthquake vocabulary

Understand the entire process of an earthquake. New vocabulary is introduced along with scientific and engineering ideas for how to create sustainability that coexists with nature.


Researchers monitor earthquakes with buried seismometers. Seismometers analyze the different seismic waves of an earthquake to determine its magnitude on the Richter scale.

How earthquakes happen
How earthquakes happen

The crust of the earth is divided into six major sections (plates) that constantly shift and move.

Why continental drift occurs
Why continental drift occurs

The continents continue to drift. The theory of plate tectonics has now been developed. Using two towels we can model the plates crashing into each other.



Offering a number of earthquake (and other emergency) preparedness materials

Lesson Plans

Additional Resources

Geography of the Caribbean

Additionally, there are lesson plans, videos and other tools that can help teach non-earthquake related facts about the people, culture and geography of Haiti.