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Calling All Inventors!

What inspires you to create cool contraptions and dream up ingenious inventions? If you know what inspires you, then we need your help!

Enter to win the Inspiring Invention Contest. Create a public service announcement that motivates others to get inspired and start inventing. Show us how invention enriches everyday life and your school could win a prize package from Sony Creative Software!

Teaching Tools for Inspiring Invention

Invention starts with inspiration and that's where great teachers play a part. Start with lesson plans for elementary, middle and high school students. Then bring the famous inventors and their inventions into your classroom with biographies and historic documents. Inspired to invent? Make good use of the Tool Box to create a PSA with your students and enter the contest. You'll find tips and examples to get started.

Have an idea? Make it happen!

Create the next new thing at You'll meet young inventors and even learn how to get a patent. Do it all online in a fun virtual workshop.

Inspire your students through problem-solving exercises, exploration, creativity and the inventive process.
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